True heroes here at home

Published 2:48 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It seems like every time you turn on the television these days, all you hear about are the bad things going in the world.

Whether it is the threat of terrorism, public corruption in state and local government or the very controversial theory of global warming, the news is rarely about those who are doing good things in our community.

In short, news of happy stories doesn’t really make the news as much as it should.

By looking at the nightly news one would think that everything in the world is bad and all of the heroes have left us. This just is not true.

Recently, I was reminded again about those who are giving so much in our community.

People like Joyce Bulford, who single-handedly spearheaded the effort to have a new special needs playground built at Thompson Middle School.

Her work will impact the lives of many children for years to come.

In addition to Joyce’s work, it was great to see dedicated teachers like Luci Tucker, who also works at Thompson Middle School, spend time teaching her special needs children the benefits of giving back to their community.

Her work with these children was an inspiration to many who could use a helping hand during tough times.

Finally, the Shelby County Reporter recently ran a great article regarding the heroic efforts of Helena police officers who worked to diffuse a difficult and tense situation.

The stories of local heroes are more numerous than one can count.

These stories are just a few examples of some of the truly remarkable work being done right here in Shelby County.

So while the news may always paint a picture of a world in true despair, there are truly some real heroes at work on a daily basis in our community.

We need more of you!