Bama club president wins Buster Britton

Published 11:30 pm Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alex Woodard, president of the University of Alabama’s triathletes club, won the annual Buster Britton Memorial Triathlon at Oak Mountain State Park Saturday with a time of 55:34.

Woodard, who was racing the Buster Britton for the first time, had the eighth fastest swim time in Double Oak Lake, completing the loop in 3:59. He began making his way to the front with a Top 3 time on the 13-mile road bike ride, coming in at one hour, 11 minutes. His run time was the best of all in the race, completing the 3-mile race in 16 minutes, 35 seconds.

“I come from a running background, so running has always come the easiest for me and been the strength I use to try and win races,” said Woodard, a native of Columbus, Miss.

Woodard was injured in the winter and was unable to run, but worked hard on swimming and biking. Since then, he said he has been stronger each race in biking and running.

“It is great to win this year,” Woodard said. “There were some really fast guys who raced, and the win gives me a good deal of confidence with where my training is going. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Team Magic races (the race organizers), and so winning one of there races was great.”

The race consisted of a short swim, a 13-mile bike ride and 3-mile run. The swim was supposed to be a 400-yard swim, but was shortened at least 100 yards because of a buoy that continued float away from the designed swim course.

Johanna Gartman, won the women’s race with a time of 1:05:06.

First place finishers by division

Pro Male Division – Matt Long, 57:58

Male Masters – David Meadows, 57:37

Beginner Male – Ken Johnson, 1:06:34

Male 1-12 Division – Matthew Stanley, 1:10:19

Male 13-15 Division – Hunter Honeycutt, 1:00:49

Male 15-19 Division – Luke Farkas, 58:10

Male 20-24 Division – Jeffrey Shelley, 1:00:59

Male 25-29 Division – Brandon Eubanks, 59:37

Male 30-34 Division – Colin Soniat, 1:03:07

Male 35-39 Division – Dewayne Minor, 58:02

Male 40-44 Division – Morgan Ramey, 59:29

Male 45-49 Division – Casey Fannin, 1:02:04

Male 50-54 Division – Scott Ewing, 1:02:34

Male 55-59 Division – Walt Rider, 1:04:43

Male 60-64 Division – Jim McDonald, 1:11:38

Male 65-69 Division – John Carroll, 1:21:37

Female Masters – Lisa Marshall, 1:08:06

Beginner Female – Rachel Moreau, 1:14:42

Female 1-12 Division – Madison Honeycutt, 1:24:41

Female 13-15 Division – Genny Pittman, 1:08:38

Female 15-19 Division – Charlsey Smith, 1:33:37

Female 20-24 Division – Jen Johnson, 1:15:50

Female 25-29 Division – Julie Vanzandt – 1:09:19

Female 30-34 Division – Leah Braden, 1:08:03

Female 35-39 Division – Mary Rosser, 1:08:17

Female 40-44 Division – Josephine Lowery, 1:10:38

Female 45-49 Division – Janie Davis, 1:11:26

Female 50-54 Division – Kathleen Johnston, 1:10:04

Female 55-59 Division – Jody Coombs, 1:24:05

Female 60-64 Division – Gayle Marbury, 1:25:17

Female 70-74 Division – Pat Fossum, 1:45:11