Spend $20 on June 20

Published 7:26 pm Sunday, June 14, 2009

If every adult in Shelby County decided to spend $20 on the same day, it would pump $2.8 million back into the local community.

The Shelby County Reporter is encouraging everyone to do just that by spending $20 on Saturday, June 20.

The spend “$20 on the 20th” campaign is a partnership between the Shelby County Reporter and local businesses.

On pages 11A and 12A of the June 17 issue of the paper, you will find special $20 offers from businesses across Shelby County. These deals will only be good for Saturday, June 20.

Chamber of commerce leaders say $20 on the 20th sounds like a win-win for businesses and customers.

The campaign gives stores foot traffic during this tough economic recession.

“This is a great way for businesses to let people know about them and what goods and services they offer,” said Stacy Walkup, executive director of the South Shelby Chamber of Commerce. “The unique thing about shopping locally is that you are really buying from your neighbors.”

Customers are also getting some great deals.

“I like the way people are marketing their businesses and offering incentives to bring people into their stores,” said Jennifer Trammell, president of the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce.

Sales tax from money spent locally also goes to fund schools, police and fire departments, parks and other city services.

“The revenue from shopping locally comes back into the city. It pays for all the services we provide,” said Pelham Mayor Don Murphy. “It pays the bills. If we don’t have any tax money coming in, we can’t fund any services.”

City leaders say people would be more likely to shop locally if they realized how much of that money goes back into the community.

“If people fully understood the impact of spending money inside the community they live in, then I think they would be less inclined to shop elsewhere,” said Columbiana Mayor Allan Lowe. “The money stays in the community to provide jobs to people and fund the city services we have all come to expect.”