New clothing store opens in Vincent

Published 8:56 am Monday, June 15, 2009

When searching for a name for their new clothing store in downtown Vincent, Marcus and Tamekea Hall thought about their youngest daughter, Nicole, and her enthusiasm for changing outfits.

“She’s an average 3-year-old girl,” Marcus said. “She likes to change clothes as much as possible.”

Just like that, Nicole’s Fashions was born. The store, which carries casual and street wear for men, women and children, officially opened May 18.

Marcus said the Halls’ biggest consideration is pricing. They’re keeping prices low by making sure they don’t bring anything into the store they can’t afford themselves.

“If it’s affordable for us, it’s affordable for the community,” he said. “As fashion turns over, we’re trying to keep up with it. But it’s real important to keep it affordable.”

The Halls chose to open the store in Vincent because Tamekea is a life-long resident of the town. They hope to give back to Vincent by bringing revenue into the community.

“This is money coming into the community,” Marcus said. “The goal is to keep the money here in the community. It’s just like the lottery – if they don’t spend the money here, they’ll spend it somewhere.”

He said even though people don’t have much extra money to spend, Nicole’s is doing fine. It helps that the store is in town, so people don’t have to drive out to places like Pell City or Birmingham to find clothes.

Marcus said their goal is to eventually open at least two other stores in different communities.