Blissful wedding attire

Published 4:24 pm Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When it comes to a wedding, the bride may have a hard time picking the perfect dress, but it can be just as tough for the attendees to determine the correct attire for the big day. Wedding attire can range from super casual such as a beachside ceremony to black-tie formal in the instance of an evening wedding. It is sometimes best to have some guidelines to go by.

Garden Wedding

A great choice for the ever popular daytime garden wedding is a casual dress, like the striped dress from Uncle Frank I found at Chic Boutique in Chelsea. With its flower detailing at the neckline and contrasting orange ribbon at the waistline, pair this number with some eye–catching shoes. Consider the location when it comes to shoes. If it is in a garden or grassy location, opt for something easy to walk in, but never flip flops.

Another option might be a flattering ankle-length dress, coined a maxi dress, like those from Prissy’s on U.S. 280 in Chelsea. The tiered patterned maxi dress from Mystery retails for $96 and is great for any size or shape.

Church wedding

For a wedding held in a church, be it nighttime or day, choose something you would normally wear to a Sunday morning service with your grandmother. Longer hemlines and covered shoulders are a suggestion to ensure you do not hear whispers while being escorted down the aisle. Two options I found were at Renaissance Consignment Boutique on Cahaba Valley Road. The Kay Unger white wrap dress and the Banana Republic crme print dress retailing for $132 and $45 respectively, are a sure bet. Pair these options with a cardigan or shawl.


When couples opt for a wedding outside of a traditional venue, the rules of tradition need not apply. Choose fun outfits to reflect the likely fun-loving couple. The Muse halter dress from Chic Boutique is a great choice with a fun paisley print and slinky material. Retailing for $102, pair the dress with a great wrap and statement cocktail ring (also available at Chic Boutique) and you are sure to catch some eyes.


Some invitations may detail the attire required such as formal or semi-formal, but if no particulars are given, shoot for the dressier end of the spectrum. Two great options I found at Renaissance were a crme ruched dress from Cache Luxe retailing for $66 and a turquoise and lime–green sheer dress from Laundry for $73. Pair formal options with high heels and a clutch.

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