Relishing in last spout of freedom

Published 11:31 am Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer has crept its way into every high school, middle school and elementary school student’s life once again.

They are now free of textbooks, papers and every type of homework assignment imaginable.

Freedom was the only thing these students could envision during the last few days left of what some might call a “learning torture facility.”

That facility is also known as school.

Now, in possession of freedom, the student label has been dropped from these kids and they have become whoever they are outside those four walls.

I just so happen to be one of those kids, but I find myself in a unique group of former students this summer.

I am luckily a member of the graduated senior class of 2009. For this unique group of students I am associated with, freedom has definitely been adjusted to our liking due to the new schools we will enroll in soon.

Yes, college is what I am talking about and though it is a relatively free environment, it also requires an exceptional amount of responsibility.

Though most would not admit it, some of us are not prepared for that kind of transition. We like the thought of this expanded freedom, but need a bit more preparation.

“It’s the thought that counts” is how the old saying goes, but not necessarily for this situation.

A focused mindset is needed for us to complete a smooth transition to this new chapter in our lives.

We need to think toward the future and consider career paths and what it will take to stay on them. For many, it will be a difficult task. For others, the adaptation will occur naturally.

All I can hope for is that I will be one of the fortunate ones who will be included in the “responsible” category when the time comes. For now, I am subject to freedom and what the summer has in store for me.

Maybe that means another few weeks of lounging around. After all, I want to stay a kid for as long as I can.

Sam Mobley is a 2009 graduate of Thompson High School. He plans to attend UAB in the fall.