Chelsea debuts city song on Web site

Published 4:24 pm Thursday, June 18, 2009

When Chelsea incorporated in 1996, Mayor Earl Niven, a lifelong resident, decided to do something special to honor the community’s history and look forward to Chelsea’s future.

He asked fellow resident Wayne Morris to write a song reflecting Chelsea’s heritage and closeness. Morris came up with the song, titled “The Heart of Chelsea,” and city officials passed out cassette tapes of the song to commemorate the city’s incorporation.

“It’s a very catchy song,” Niven said. “You hear it a time or two and you go around singing it.”

Now, more Chelsea residents will have the chance to enjoy the song, which has been placed on the city’s Web site.

Niven said he’s looking for other ways to publicize the song, including handing out CDs of the song. “The Heart of Chelsea” will also be performed at Chelsea’s The Big Kaboom fireworks show on July 3.

Niven said the song represents everything that’s good about the community.

“I just wanted something that had meaning to give to our senior citizens that had been there with their heritage and their tradition, that had gotten us this far through history,” he said. “Pride is another good word to explain it, because we have pride in Chelsea.”

Lyrics to “The Heart of Chelsea”

There’s a land that I love and a place I call my own

Where freedom still stands for a flag that stands alone

A land built on the heritage of faithful Godly men

It’s time we take that banner and hold it high again


It’s a part of who we are and what we claim to be

Chelsea’s in the heart of you, like it’s in the heart of me

And no matter where you go, wherever you may be

Our hearts will bring us home to the heart of Chelsea

There’s a tie that binds our hearts and lives as one

From friend to friend it will never be undone

So join me with pride as we carry on this torch

Passing down the legacy of those who’ve gone before