Entrepreneur’s hard work leads to success

Published 2:09 pm Thursday, June 18, 2009

A new trend is spreading through the business world these days, and no, it has nothing to do with bankruptcies or bailouts.

Women are becoming increasingly dominant in the workplace, choosing to step out of the confines of a traditional business to make their own. I spoke with Lora Lunsford who started the Bead Biz in Helena to get her story of the escape route she took from the corporate world and some of the misconceptions women have about owning their own business.

In truth, Lunsford admits that instead of enjoying flexible workweeks or longer vacations, being an entrepreneur does the opposite.

“Owning your own business means inflexible workweeks, less to none vacations and seven–day work weeks,” Lunsford said. “The benefit is the satisfaction of seeing your business become successful.”

Lunsford admits to being a micro–manager, as do many business owners, which inhibits them from handing over responsibilities to others.

Lora admits moving into this career path from being a stay-at-home mom was tough.

“Cash flow was an obstacle. Also, learning what works and does not when it comes to marketing was something I had to learn,” Lunsford said.

In comparison to the corporate world, she unabashedly admits, “Owning your own business is harder. To make it work, you have to live and breathe the company 24–7.”

Now in her seventh year of business, Lunsford thinks her marketing and creative mind have given The Bead Biz its success. With events for bead lovers and classes spanning from weaving designs to etching, Lunsford has adapted to the changes in the economy like any good business owner.

“I have just had to change up my marketing techniques and work a lot harder,” Lunsford said.

For other woman thinking of joining the entrepreneurial trend, Lunsford gives some counsel.

“When you own your own business you do not choose your hours,” she said. “Some people think that being your own boss means that you are the boss, but actually your customer dictates your hours. To be a success you need to put in your all, all the time.”