Businesses find success with $20 on 20

Published 10:50 am Monday, June 22, 2009

Many businesses throughout Shelby County had success Saturday with the $20 on 20th campaign.

The Shelby County Reporter and local merchants encouraged customers to help boost the economy by spending $20 on June 20.

“It was the best day I’ve had in 10 years,” said Becky Tate, owner of Native Beach Tan in Helena. “I was just blown away by it. People were grabbing everything like crazy.”

Tate said she had to call in extra staff to meet demand. The store offered special deals on tanning, clothes and jewelry.

“In this economy, $20 is a lot easier to spend, versus $40 or $50,” Tate said.

Javier Jerez said the crowds were steady all day at his Margarita Grill in Pelham too.

The restaurant was offering $40 gift cards for $20.

“A lot of people came out. Throughout the day, people were purchasing the gift cards,” Jerez said. “It worked out very, very good.”

If every adult in Shelby County decided to spend $20 on the same day, it would pump $2.8 million back into the local community.

“Shopping locally matters and the citizens of Shelby County made a difference Saturday,” said Tim Prince, Shelby County Reporter publisher. “The remarkable response within the community to shop locally reminds us all yet again why we love living in Shelby County.”