Exercise essential to keeping good health

Published 2:34 pm Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exercise is a critical part to staying healthy, but unfortunately too many Americans do not get enough exercise.

I just finished my junior year at Belhaven College. I grew up here in Birmingham and went to Shades Mountain Christian School.

Exercise has played a huge part in my life for as long as I can remember. I started playing sports when I was very young, and continued to play them all throughout high school and into college. In high school, I played volleyball, basketball and softball. Now I am a member of the basketball team at Belhaven College. Through sports I have stayed active, which has helped me to stay healthy.

A healthy lifestyle is so important, but you don’t have to be a college athlete to get the exercise you need. An easy way to exercise is to just walk. Walking for 30 minutes a day and creating some healthy eating habits can go a long way in helping to stay healthy.

This is the main focus of “Start!” The American Heart Association has started this movement, which calls on the American people to be more heart healthy through walking and creating healthy habits.

The American Heart Association is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives.

Having personally been through the experience of having a loved one suffer from both stroke and heart disease, I am a huge supporter of what the American Heart Association does. And now I truly understand the importance of living a healthy life.

You don’t have to run several miles a day or be a college athlete to stay healthy and get the exercise you need.

Simply walking each day and creating healthy eating habits is a great way to begin to have a healthy lifestyle. So start walking today!