Stay in county to shop

Published 1:42 pm Friday, June 26, 2009

We were more than pleased with the outcome of the $20 on the 20th campaign, in which several local businesses offered special deals for $20 on June 20.

Many merchants said the promotion made a noticeable difference in how much business they got.

One owner in particular, Becky Tate of Native Beach Tan in Helena, said she had to call in extra staff to meet demand.

That’s fantastic. It’s great to know that when asked, our residents will take the time to shop locally and contribute to the well being of the county’s economy.

Now, we have to ask you, county residents, to take the initiative. Even though signs seem to show our national economy is slowly rebounding, we still need to take every opportunity possible to shop Shelby County.

Hopefully, on June 20, some of you decided to visit a store or restaurant you had never been in before.

If so, take the time to go back, and this time take a friend with you.

Shelby County has dozens of hidden gems — original businesses with personalities all their own, waiting to charm new customers.

Shelby County is one of the fastest-growing areas in Alabama in part because of residents’ willingness to shop at home instead of driving out of town.

Merchants open their businesses here because they believe Shelby County is a sound investment. Let’s prove them right.