Merging businesses amp up customer service

Published 5:49 pm Sunday, June 28, 2009

In the late ’80s I had three teenage drivers.

In the ’90s, I had four drivers … each with their own car. Sometimes Butch McGiboney would just look at me when I drove in with the Z-24, Chevy 10, Plymouth Laser or Mercury Capri and slowly shake his head as if to say, “What now?” Something was always wrong with one of our cars.

Butch worked at Elliottsville Garage for Larry Wallace.

We depended on Butch for everything: can we patch it, is it safe to drive, can we pay in two payments? Butch bought out Wallace, but after a while decided he had bitten off more than he could handle. He could not personally check everything that left his shop and keep up with all the bookwork, ordering and front counter. So, he called his friend Bob Sapp, who operated Express Tire in Montevallo.

A deal was struck to merge the two businesses into Express Tire in Alabaster in 1996.

Sapp had the nicest things to say about McGiboney.

“Butch is one of the most laid back, honest people I’ve ever known,” McKinney said. “I trust him to watch my back and his loyalty and work ethic has made our job enjoyable and profitable for both of us.”

You will be happy to wait for your car in one of the cleanest waiting areas around. You will see sparkling clean floors, hear no nasty language and get honest and detailed explanations as to what is done to your car. Ask questions –– get answers.

So, while Bob runs the front, with his people personality, Butch is the man in the mechanical department. Customer service and satisfaction is their motto and they stand behind their work.

I really don’t think they will steer you wrong. They still take care of our family cars.

Tell them Sandra sent you.

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