Westover library to continue renovations

Published 11:19 am Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Westover Public Library will continue its makeover with a grant from the Shelby County Commission.

Librarian and councilmember Annette Tyler said the town received a grant for approximately $4,000 from the commission. The grant will provide for a new circulation desk, new shelving and a table and chairs for a new children’s section of the library.

To receive the grant money, the town must go ahead and buy the items they applied for, and then the commission will send a refund.

Tyler said she plans to purchase the items as soon as the Westover Public Library, which is currently closed for expansion, is open again.

“We’ve got a few things that still need to be completed,” Tyler said. “I’m hoping we’ll be open by the end of July.”

Tyler said the library needs to continue to improve and grow to match the town’s growth.

“As the town grows, the need for a larger space in the library will be more important,” she said. “We just saw a need to expand the library. Our circulation is up, so we’re happy about that. We’re excited about reopening and having more space for everybody.”

Tyler also said she has plans to later add another public access computer to the existing one at the library. The commission funds will not pay for that computer, she said.

All Shelby County libraries are eligible to apply for grants from the Shelby County Commission.