Cow and goat pair make for sweet story

Published 2:21 pm Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Editor,

I’ve just finished reading the Wednesday, June 24 article titled “Unlikely Roadside Attraction.” I was so touched and moved by this story because for many years, I have traveled Shelby County 26 and seen this unlikely pair.

Before Maddie Lane came to reside with Molly, I too worried that she was lonely and would comment to whomever was in the car with me. I’ve often thought of writing a children’s story about the pair.

It is such a heart warming feeling to have read the story in your paper, to know how the two came to be friends and most importantly, to know their names and that they are indeed the best of friends.

You can see that when you drive by, which is why it is such a wonderful sight.

I thank you, Cassandra Mickens, for writing the story to share with us and Mr. and Mrs. Weathers for sharing a part of your family. God bless!