Discovering Helena’s summer must haves

Published 9:48 am Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer means a few things but to name a few- relaxation, reading, retreat and running from the hot weather.

To prevent having to do the run-around for this summer’s essentials, I made a list of summer must haves that you can pick up locally in Helena and keep handy for just such occasions.

A go-to message tee is great for days off running errands or hanging around the house. Avoid loose baggy t-shirts and go for something simple yet chic like the spiritual tee that reads “a peace that surpasses all understanding” on the back I found at WildflowerWax Boutique in Helena.

This newly opened location has lots to offer including handmade candles, vintage boots, and unique jewelry. This Salt of the Earth brand shirt is a great find for right at $42.

Pair your new tee with a great multi-purpose tote that can take you from the pool to a moms’ day out. Opt for a sturdy material and go simple with the patterns. Add a personal touch at your local embroiderer.

My top choice- Sew What in Helena. Stop in and pick out a bag and a fabric to add in your initials.

Have your own staycation in Helena with a float down Buck Creek. Enjoy this buzz word of the summer by enjoying what surrounds us every day.

Grab a canoe from Alabama Small Boats and spend a day with the family enjoying the great outdoors. Go early to avoid the heat and bring plenty of bug spray and sunscreen.

Sunglasses are a must and are best when polarized. Stop by your local eye doctor, like Family Eye Care of Helena for sunglasses. Check for croakies (cords that transform sunglasses into a necklace–type device) to ensure your new purchase does not fly off while driving, boating, etc.

Summer parties are in our midst so make a wise purchase with a wine tote. Most novelty stores have such items, and I found two at “You Won’t Believe It” –– a single bottle insulated holder or a tote that holds up to four liters, both for under $25 each.

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