Cold Fire puts out fires, keeps heat down

Published 5:40 pm Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cold Fire Southeast, based in Pelham, has found a way for local fire departments to cut back costs without cutting jobs or services.

Company spokesperson Justin Partridge said instead of buying different kinds of foams to counteract fire, departments can purchase Cold Fire, a plant-based foam that can cool 21 times faster than water.

“Say, for example, you have a trash can fire or something like that. With Cold Fire, you can put it out instantly, and you can spray the side of the garbage can and pick it up because it will be cool instantly,” he said.

Cold Fire also has no shelf life, unlike other foams, which lose effectiveness over time.

The foam was developed by a New Jersey company called Fire Freeze, and has been made available to the public in the past two years. Cold Fire Southeast started selling the product June 1.

The product is environmentally friendly and toxic-free, making it safe to use on people.

“Say you have a police officer that responds to a scene with a burning car,” Partridge said. “They can actually spray a person down in the car and get them out. It won’t hurt them, and it’ll keep them from burning up.”

Partridge said Cold Fire is an important product because it helps upgrade the service fire departments can offer citizens.

“It’s pretty awesome,” he said. “It’s just one of those things you don’t believe until you see it.”

Videos of Cold Fire demonstrations are available on the Web site,