Quarry company announces possible additional financial commitments to Vincent

Published 3:55 pm Friday, July 10, 2009

White Rock Quarries, which seeks to open a limestone quarry in Vincent, Friday announced possible financial commitments to the town totaling $1.65 million.

Company president Jim Hurley said the company has identified Vincent’s needs and looks to help meet them.

“We have identified special needs in the community over the last several months,” Hurley said.

Immediately after White Rock receives all the necessary permits and licenses and any time for an appeal has expired, the company would give the town $300,000 for a new fire truck, $150,000 for a new emergency rescue truck and $350,000 for educational capital projects for Vincent Elementary School and Vincent Middle/High School.

The $350,000 for the schools would break down into $75,000 for VES and $275,000 for VMHS.

The money for VES would help construct an outdoor playground, build bleachers for the track by the school, construct an outdoor restroom building and remodel several classrooms.

The $275,000 for VMHS would go to build a softball field, remodel classrooms and provide equipment for a new science lab, and construct a fieldhouse for middle and high school sports teams.

“We’re looking forward to providing a first-class educational facility,” Hurley said.

Once the plant actually began operations, White Rock would commit $150,000 to build a senior citizens facility, $200,000 for construction of a recreational center and $500,000 to pave unpaved streets and repave those in need of repair.

“This commitment is a further demonstration of White Rock Quarries’ good neighbor outreach program to establish a partnership with Vincent for many years to come,” Hurley said. “White Rock believes these benefits will enhance the quality of life for Vincent citizens and our employees. And we’re happy to be a part of Vincent.”