Police soar with FALCON

Published 12:37 pm Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We were very impressed with the results of Operation FALCON, a weeklong initiative meant to help local law enforcement apprehend violent fugitives in Jefferson, Shelby and Walker counties.

Overall, the operation notched 218 arrests in those three counties, with 18 arrests made in Shelby County.

However, those 18 arrests weren’t all Shelby got from the operation. Sheriff Chris Curry said 20 fugitives wanted in Shelby County were found elsewhere or had passed away, while four fugitives turned themselves in upon hearing about the operation.

That is the definition of efficiency. In one week, the county closed 42 cases, which had only been taking up time, money and space.

The more than 100 state and local officers working on Operation FALCON were divided into teams to focus on different types of crimes, such as violence, narcotics and sex offenses. Being able to focus on specific crimes, with the assistance of federal officers, no doubt helped these state and local officers to catch dangerous criminals.

Also, in the space of one week, these officers were able to verify the locations of 1,000 sex offenders in Jefferson and Shelby counties.

When state, local and federal agencies are able to combine their efforts and share their resources, great things can happen. Our county is much safer today than it was a month ago, and it’s due to the efforts of these hard-working men and women.