Alabaster couple promotes good choices

Published 3:52 pm Thursday, July 16, 2009

When Michael Musolino was growing up, his parents often advised him to make good choices. Now, he and his wife, Daneen, share this message with their own children – and the rest of the world.

Their business, Make Good Choices LLC, sells t-shirts and hats that promote the slogan, what they call “apparel with a positive edge.”

The shirts feature basic advice, telling people to exercise, recycle, be debt free or simply be positive.

“If you make good choices you’re going to be a better person,” Musolino said. “You make one bad choice, and it can affect you for the rest of your life. A simple slogan can make you think about those things.”

Before launching Make Good Choices, Musolino worked as a district manager for Publix Supermarkets until he was in a serious car accident in 2006. He was in so much pain from the accident that he retired from Publix.

One day while Michael was recovering from the accident, Daneen saw someone wearing a shirt that said ‘Make Good Choices.’ When she told Michael about it, he whipped out a sketch pad and began brainstorming designs and slogans.

Michael keeps his sketch pad next to the bed, as inspiration often comes in the middle of the night.

“I don’t sleep much, but I do get a lot of ideas,” he said.

Inspired by the success of the Life Is Good apparel line, Michael also created Godwin, a smiling icon for the company.

The Musolinos first sold their Make Good Choices T-shirts at Alabaster CityFest 2008 and were surprised at the response.

They now sell their products at Cokesbury Bookstores, The Bean Hole coffee shop, Tuscaloosa Toyota, Calera First United Methodist Church and on their Web site,

“I figured God wanted me to pass on a positive message,” Musolino said. “It’s my way of ministering.”

Michael Musolino has grand plans in store for his business. He hopes for his wife, who works at Publix, to eventually retire and work full-time at Make Good Choices.

Other plans include hosting an expo that focuses on healthy choices, launching a fan club, distributing pamphlets that promote good choices and eventually having retail stores that market his apparel.

The company is in the midst of launching a program called Tee$ 4 A Cause, in which they partner with schools, churches and non-profits in fundraising campaigns.

“I’ve always been a visionary,” Musolino said.