Montevallo kids anticipate Friday theatre performance

Published 12:34 pm Friday, July 17, 2009

In the Parnell Memorial Library Theatre in Montevallo, 21 students eagerly sing a song directed by Phil McEntee.

They crowd together in the front row of the theater with everything from bandannas to flowers on their heads.

All of them are smiling.

Those involved in “The Fools of the World and the Flying Ship: A Children’s Play” were participating in a dress rehearsal earlier Friday in preparation for their final performance. The play will begin at 7 p.m. Friday night at the library.

The play was chosen as this year’s Summer Theatre Workshop production for children aged 7-12. The children learned to sing, dance and act in the summer workshop that began July 6.

McEntee wrote both the play and music. McEntee said the whole process of directing a play is as exciting as getting to know the children.

“Watching children become performers” is what makes him enjoy directing, McEntee said.

McEntee said assistant director George Evans, technical coordinator Hannah Wheeler and choreographer Carrie Beth Littleton played a part in the success of the play. He also says the play would not have happened without the help of Mary Jane Evans, the Chair of the Arts Committee of Parnell Memorial Library Foundation and Libby Rogers, the producer of the play.

McEntee would also like to thank the children for their enthusiasm.

“The children make it happen,” he said.

Evans, who performed at the Library Theatre last summer in “Our Town,” said he also enjoys working with children.

Rogers said McEntee was a good director in that he let the children use their imaginations. None of the costumes were donated, so the children and their families came up with ideas on their own.

“I have never seen a more enthusiastic group,” Rogers said.

Parnell Memorial Library Foundation is offering another summer workshop for pre-teen and teen students interested in performing at the Library Theatre. The workshop begins on July 27 and will rehearse for two weeks to perform two plays. For more information contact the library at 665-9207.