EBSCO expresses concern over proposed Vincent quarry

Published 9:47 am Friday, July 24, 2009

EBSCO Industries Friday released a company-wide letter letting employees know of concerns about White Rock Quarries’ proposed limestone quarry in Vincent.

The quarry would be located about 600 yards from EBSCO’s Vulcan Information Packaging plant.

In the letter, EBSCO president F. Dixon Brooke Jr. told plant employees that the company’s Vincent operations could end if the quarry is approved.

EBSCOs concerns mostly center on possible sinkholes caused by the quarry, as well as the proximity of the plant and residents to the proposed quarry.

A company press release states that a study by engineering firm Bhate Geosciences Corporation shows the proposed quarry poses a high risk for sinkholes.

“Alabama is well-known for its high number of sinkholes, both natural and manmade, which can cause property damage,” the press release stated.

In the press release, Brooke said EBSCO continues to do research into the quarry and its possible effects.

“We intend to get the facts,” he said. “We expect a thorough study to be complete within the next two or three weeks, and we will share that information with the community so that our leaders can make the best informed decision for the community.”

Vulcan Information Packaging manufactures loose-leaf binder products and custom packaging. The plant employs more than 200 people and has been operating in Vincent for 41 years.