Vincent school attempts to bridge gap between budget and needs

Published 3:26 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vincent Middle High School’s budget for this next school year is $17,000, an 87 percent drop from two years ago.

The school needs serious help from the community if it’s to serve its more than 500 students well, said assistant principal Dr. Diana Lee.

That’s why Vincent’s PTO decided to host a “Bridge the Gap” rally outside the school Monday afternoon. Parents brought donations of toilet paper, copier paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels, trash bags and other basic necessities.

PTO president Bridgette Jordan-Smith said the rally was a way to bring the school and the Vincent community together.

“Our school is important. This is where we are educating the future leaders of tomorrow,” Jordan-Smith said.

The rally, held during the VMHS registration for the fall, featured a church singing group, Young Gospel Voices. The rally was also backed by church sponsors, as well as by Milo’s and Jack’s. Other donations have come from the Chelsea Wal-Mart and from OfficeMax.

“We just asked people to bring their lawn chairs and enjoy the music,” Jordan-Smith said.

Lee said donations are necessary because the school has no money for the basic supplies needed to keep the school sanitary, much less to help stock the library or help with school lunches.

“This year, we need the donations for the basics, just to open the doors and start school,” Lee said.

She said while people have donated supplies, the school hasn’t gotten much financial help outside of the $30,000 donated by White Rock Quarries.

For information on how to donate to Vincent Middle/High School, contact the school at 682-7300.