Mud racing finds home in Shelby County

Published 4:40 pm Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shelby County has a new site for family fun in the Iron Horse Off Road Park, located on Shelby County 26. In addition to many outdoor activities, the park is unique to the area because of its mud bogging – a sport that combines the thrill of racing and the fun of off-road mudding.

“We’ve got mud bogs and spots for hill climbing, rock crawling for dune buggies and everything,” owner Tom Smith said. “We just put in a dirt bike and ATV race track, plus there are miles of trails for them.”

The park is 40 acres of land that includes mountain views and spots for all off road vehicles.

Smith and his committee are continuing to build and develop the land, currently finishing a 300-foot track for mud bogging. They are also working on putting in a lake with a sandy beach for those who want to relax in the sun.

“This place is totally family oriented,” Smith said. “It’s great for husbands, wives and children.”

In addition to the outside dirt areas, three buildings in the park are also helping to add to a family atmosphere. One is being designed as a clubhouse and will feature video games, pool tables and plenty of fun for those taking a break between rides, while another house on the land will be turned into a concession stand.

The large Iron Horse Trucking building at the park’s entrance plans to be remodeled also.

The 600 square foot building will be split into two parts. One half will be a convenient store, and the other half a repair shop for off road vehicles.

The site already has families coming to camp out on Saturday nights, but plans to put in campsites throughout the park in the future.

Daily park price is $6 for an all day ride. Children 6 and under get in free. Camping out costs $10 and special events cost $12.

“We know its hard times for everyone and are able to provide a good price,” Smith said. “With prices low, we hope to make our money from a high volume of people coming,” Smith said. “We provide affordable fun for families.”

Iron Horse has held special events for ATVs, bog races and hill climbing. Smith plans for Iron Horse to team up with Dixie Dune Buggies and Boggers Unlimited and host special events for charities in the future.

Though the park is only two months old, its popularity is rapidly growing. Iron Horse Trucking has specialized in demolition and trucking work for almost seven years at the site.