Vincent teacher crowned “Queen of Our Hearts”

Published 12:53 pm Thursday, July 30, 2009

For decades Fannie Hinds, a former first grade teacher, put her students first. On Saturday they let her know she was appreciated by crowning her “Queen of Our Hearts” at the Vincent High School reunion.

Kathy Carden, a member of the reunion committee, said Hinds was a teacher who touched many of her students’ lives.

“Everybody wanted to be in her class,” Carden said. “She’s an incredible lady who is loved by so many.”

The reunion committee named Hinds “Queen of Our Hearts” with a special presentation. Hinds had no idea they were going to honor her.

“She was very surprised and very sweet about it,” Carden said. “It was a great night made even better by her being there.”

Judge Sonny Conwill, who is also a Vincent alum, presented Hinds with a crown, sash and certificate.

“It really made the evening for us,” Carden said. “It was an emotional moment.”

Many of her former students lined up to give her a hug.

“She says people love her because she loves people,” Carden said.

One student wrote an article about Hines in Southern Living. The story was published in the ’80s.

The article portrayed Hines as a model teacher. She used to rock children when they were upset in a rocking chair she kept in her classroom.

When children were terrified of losing their baby teeth, Hines would comfort them and help them remove the teeth.

When the kids found themselves in trouble, Hines would send them to a Kneeling Rail, where they would have to sit on their knees until they realized the error of their ways.

The class reunion contained students from classes 1952-1972. Members of all classes were excited to see their favorite teacher.

“She finds the best in every person and lets them know what it is,” Carden said.