Wildflower Wax provides unique gifts

Published 4:04 pm Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jennifer and Dave Rankin are just back from market in Atlanta and are looking forward to new wares to add to their stock of candles, boots, vintage jewelry and one-of-a-kind gifts and accessories.

“Our philosophy is that we’re a little bit hippie, little bit gypsy, little bit cowgirl and part rock ‘n roll! Choose your path and enjoy the ride,” Jennifer said.

On display is the recently introduced Kimmidoll — a contemporary collectible doll rooted in the Japanese tradition of giving gifts as tokens of love and friendship. Each doll expresses one of “Life’s True Values” such as truth, beauty, wisdom or grace. Kimmidoll keychains and makeup pouches are also available.

“We try to carry as many hand-crafted items as possible,” Jennifer said. “We have vintage lockets from Blue Girl Beading out of Mobile. The skull and crossbones and peace signs have been very popular.”

The one-of-a-kind cork necklaces are created by Dave, as well as painted canvases and wood and metal sculptures and crosses displayed throughout the store.

Jo Anne Holloway, a Shelby County artist, makes wall-mounted decoupage canvas earring ladders for keeping your collection at hand and displaying your jewelry as its own work of art.

From Green with NV come beaded earrings made from recycled telephone wire. Look for leather wristbands with inset metallic designs and T-shirts embellished with hand–stitched patches and rhinestone decorated tank tops from KBD Clothing Studio.

Check out the recently arrived enigmatic collage on canvas wall art and the selection of colorful rock and gemstone-textured soaps.

Wildflower Wax carries an ongoing assortment of vintage purses, shoes, and boots for men women and children.

“I often refer to our selections as ‘Bo-Ho Vintage,” Jennifer said. “Wildflower Wax has a selection of our own candles poured into vintage tumblers and wine glasses. When the candles burn down, you can bring the container back in for a refill at a discounted price.”

Their candle business began in December 2000 when Jennifer decided to make homemade candles as presents for her family. Finding herself frustrated with candles that burned out too quickly or had an overwhelming artificial scent, she developed a product that met all her exacting criteria for a long-burning, quality candle.

From there, the Rankin family took their wares to art and crafts festivals, before settling into a storefront and studio in Homewood.

At the end of June, they relocated to 4114 Old Helena Road in Old Town. Stop in on Friday evenings when they are open until nine p.m. with drinks and music and create your own one-of-a-kind candle.