Stylish freshman 15

Published 6:05 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time is running out to stock your dorm room with the essentials before class starts, so I made a list of 15 stylish essentials to make it through your first year; after that, you are on your own.

Start planning your dorm layout now by picking up the book, Dorm Room Fung Shui from Wood Family Pharmacy retailing for $10.95 (1). The book will help you decide where to position your bunk beds in order to live a stress–free semester.

Speaking of the dorm room, I suggest checking out Alabaster’s Bed and Futon Gallery to shop for some spare seating (2) to use for guests or perhaps a futon (3) for any unplanned sleepovers.

While your parents will help with the big move-in day, do-it-yourself projects after that will be on your own, so purchase a “her” toolkit (4).

An Auburn-themed kit can be found on sale at Chelsea Lane for $13.50.

Book bags aren’t as abundant on college campuses as in high school. Depending on your schedule, you may want to opt for a medium sized tote bag instead (5).

Grab a large tote as well (6) for overnight stays and trips back home.

Office supply stores are of course a great place to pick up classroom essentials, and while you’re there, grab a hard-drive keychain (7) to provide a portable way to transport your projects.

Laundry day is a new concept for most freshman so make it simple with a large canvas tote (8) like the “One More Day and I’ll Be Naked” tote at Chelsea Lane for $19.

Stop by Bed, Bath, and Beyond to search for organizational essentials. Don’t leave home without an over–the–door hanger (9) and under–the–bed bins (10) to maximize space. Grab a full-size mirror (11) too since the bathroom may house the only available mirror.

Of course your wardrobe might need some updates before you hit the books, but think casual. Grab vintage tees (12) like those at Wildflower Wax in Helena.

Designer denim (13) is something you can find on any campus, so it is worth investing in.

Royal Duchess in Montevallo offers a varied selection of the top labels at wholesale prices ranging from $25 to $80.

The Wright Shoe in Alabaster has Sanuk and Yellowbox flip-flops (14) for under $30 to take you through the summer days as well as the ever-popular Sperry’s (15) to wear with your new jeans in the fall.

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