Shelby Academy still has many supporters

Published 12:02 pm Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear Editor,

I am an alumni of Shelby Academy, and my passion and pride still run high. I loved going to school and I still love Shelby Academy. Most students who have graduated would also agree with me on that.

This school has been in existence for 40 years. You can’t tell me that the school has not faced adversity, controversy and a bad economy over the past 40 years.

Plans are in place for restructuring the financial situation and the school. I have every bit of faith that this can be accomplished.

Our parents and grandparents built this school with a hammer, dreams, goals and Christian morals and values we all have instilled within us today.

That legacy will enable us to continue those beliefs and come out stronger. I do believe it can all be established again.

Sometimes we have to rely on our faith to get us through. We just have to keep believing in the people, the ethics, and the goodness of their heart.

Finally the time has come to put the past behind us, stop all the bickering and blaming. Let’s roll up our sleeves just as our parents before us, work towards reopening later, and save that “little school on the hill.”