Young love thrives through faith in God

Published 9:15 am Sunday, August 9, 2009

In 1983, Cynthia Adams and Chris Thomas were teenagers in love.

Cynthia was a Pelham Panther and Chris was the star basketball player at Thompson High School, where he was All-State and All–American.

Chris attended UAB on a basketball scholarship for two years. He admits he just couldn’t wait his turn to play all the time.

With Gene Bartow’s blessing, he transferred to the University of Montevallo, he lost about half his credit hours, but found the gratification of first string and success. In May 1991, Chris graduated from UM. He and Cynthia, married since July 1987, are still so much in love they remind you of teenagers.

A marriage is a job, so each day they try to have lunch together and talk on the phone frequently.

“Communication is the key,” said Thomas.

Chris was raised at Liberty Baptist, but when the church experienced a split, Chris and Mrs. Hattie Cohill got busy and organized a new church.

With 45 members, the group worshiped at the municipal annex. Shelby Springs Association Building and Westside Funeral Home before negotiating a delayed deal with Evangel Church in Helena when it took over the old Westwood location. The wait was nearly two years, but the New Vision Church moved to their Helena location in early 2006.

Chris will stop a stranger and witness, help anyone in need, talk with you, cry with you and pray with you.

At 6’7, Chris is not easily overlooked, and his big smile is known all over Alabaster. His full-time job is being a local missionary. His ear is pressed to the ground for those in need.

Cynthia and Chris have a business, 4 C’s, which is a beauty salon. They also have a body reshaping and health related business.

Cynthia began her training at Lawson State, then transferred to Step Ahead Cosmetology School in Midfield. She graduated in 1993.

The couple credits their positive attitude to the inside joy they wear in their hearts.

Cynthia quotes Psalm 28 and Chris Psalm 35 as their favorite scriptures.

“God has been so good to us,” Thomas said.

The Thomas’ have a daughter, Crystal; son, Christopher “Duke”; and grandson, Christian, living in their Grandview home.

In the not–so–distant future, Crystal will take over her parents’ business (she’s in training now), while her parents head for adventure on the road — Mt. Rushmore, Golden Gate, Hawaii, etc. Many of these places, Chris saw during his basketball career — now he wants to share them with Cynthia.

What makes the Thomas family happy? They are extremely close, share their joys and worries, and are so thankful for their health and success. They tithe, they witness and they work hard.

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