Calera needs some roads to be repaired

Published 3:21 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Editor,

While the city of Calera is high-fiving each other and patting each other on the backs for its high ranking (83) in the Top Small Cities to Live, they have jumped the gun on their celebration.

The city of Calera is neglecting an area subdivision when it comes to road repair.

I have lived in the Waterford subdivision for four years. Our parkway entrance is shameful. The surface is severely uneven and patched. It is very rough to drive on. This was supposed to be a premiere subdivision, but these roads keep it from being that. It is not just the parkway road, but roads throughout each section of the subdivision.

I have been to the homeowners’ meetings and city council meetings, and it is the same old tune each time. It is the developer’s responsibility; it is the city’s responsibility.

Whoever it is needs to step up and repair these roads. If it continues to go without repair, that high ranking of 83 may soon be 1,003.