Locals learn financial literacy

Published 3:15 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This fall, 927 area elementary school students are learning about saving. Thanks to a unique curriculum supplement, “Saving with Mandy and Randy,” students do more than read and color story pages. They learn vocabulary words related to savings and how to identify coins, count coins and adding and subtracting cents and dollars.

In addition, students at 11 area high schools are learning about credit from the banker’s side of the desk. A similar curriculum supplement for the high school level uses video to simulate loan interviews, role-play the job of a lender, analyze loan applications, review credit reports, and calculate disposable income.

Called “How to Do Your Banking,” the curriculum supplement also allows students to practice checking account management, develop savings strategies and create personal budgets.

“By sponsoring this program, we are reaching our students at an impressionable age. If we can help them learn good money habits right from the start and raise their level of financial responsibility, it will pay big dividends for them and the community alike,” Marketing Officer Mary Kelly said.

Educators interested in this complimentary sponsored program for their classroom may contact Mary Kelly at marys@firstusbank.com or 251-843-2211.

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