Utilize offender info well

Published 3:23 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2009

While it is disconcerting that we have 33 more sex offenders today than we did in 2007, we can give thanks that we have the law enforcement personnel necessary to keep tabs on the 193 offenders that reside within Shelby County.

With officers checking in on these offenders every three months, it’s reasonable to assume that most of the offenders are right where they’re supposed to be.

However, we have a responsibility to help keep our neighborhoods safe as well. Take a long look at the sex offender information we have on page 2A. Find your area on the map and your city on the address list and note if any sex offenders live close to you. If so, keep your eyes open for suspicious activity.

Also, take advantage of the sheriff’s office Web site at shelbyso.com. You can keep up with the sex offender registry anytime, allowing you to see if the number of offenders has changed in your neighborhood or city.

While it’s horrible to see the numbers of sex offenders continue to rise every year, we can be glad this information is freely available to the public. Because of the work of our local law enforcement, our citizens are given the tools needed to protect our families.

There’s room for rehabilitated offenders in this county, but it’s essential that parents and families stay smart and be cautious. With so much information available to us, it deserves to be used wisely.