College options in Christian environment

Published 12:13 am Thursday, August 13, 2009

Many of today’s displaced workers are seizing opportunities to exercise options, and change life direction by going back to school or becoming entrepreneurs.

Our region is rife with four-year colleges, but there’s one that may be overlooked –Southeastern Bible College. What is the unique offering at Southeastern?

Jenny Ellison, director of public relations, said the school offers more than most might expect.

“It’s a small college where professors and students know each other by name, where students get personal attention to individual education needs by a caring staff,” Ellison said. “Most professors hold doctorate degrees. The female students rave about the great dormitory rooms with large closets and bathrooms. Financial aid and scholarships are available. Various sports are offered, including basketball, tennis and soccer. A wonderful library holding 70,000 books is managed by Library Director Paul Roberts.”

Most seeking college education will skim over this school, thinking it’s only for pastoral ministries. The bachelor’s degree does require all majors to be Biblical Theology. However, a double major can get the graduate a degree in elementary education, also. The latter is well suited for teaching at a private school or home schooling. Minors include music, history and English.

Many graduates do enter the ministry or missionary work. Some are missionary pilots or hold executive roles in various sites around the world. Many graduates work in banking, insurance or other businesses requiring a college degree. Two program tracks are offered: traditional semester based, and ACHIEVE, a night program for adults over age 25.

The adult education program offers college credit on a degree track in Leadership Ministries without giving up day commitments. Classes are one night weekly for four hours each. Classes are theology based, such as Christian Leadership and Ethics or Principles of Conflict Resolution, both subjects needed by leaders in today’s workplaces. For information on ACHIEVE call 970-9241.

The school’s Valleydale Road location for this interdenominational school is its third since inception in 1935. First it was located on Southside in Birmingham, and later moved to Highway 280 near Cahaba Heights. The current lovely campus sits on 22 acres and has plans for facility growth.

To enroll as a traditional college student call 970-9211.

On Sept. 14 at 7 p.m., a free community Bible class is being held at Southeastern. Its title is “Fast Food Gospel,” and the study is on the Gospel of Mark. For this and other community activities, call 970-9213 and see