Harpersville takes no action on Vincent

Published 9:08 pm Monday, August 17, 2009

The Harpersville Town Council on Monday took no action on a petition from 57 Vincent citizens asking that Vincent be annexed into Harpersville.

The petition, drawn by the Citizens for One Community, would end plans for a White Rock Quarry in Vincent. If the Harpersville Town Council votes to accept the annexation, the request will go before Vincent voters within 90 days, said Vincent Mayor Ray McAllister.

“I’m going to let the council evaluate it and get back with me,” Harpersville Mayor Theoangelo Perkins said of the request.

Harpersville Town Council Members Randy Wood, Beverly Johnson, Shirley Middleton and William Rayfield each reviewed the petition as McAllister and Vincent citizens looked on. The Town Council declined to comment.

Kim Riggins, a Vincent resident and a petition signer, is a 30-year employee at EBSCO Industries, a company that opposes the quarry. Riggins said she signed the petition because Vincent leaders have failed to listen to their constituents’ concerns.

“We don’t want this quarry to come in and force us out of a job,” Riggins said. “We can’t get any answers down there, so we came up here (to Harpersville). Please take us.”

Lois Garrett, a 29-year employee at EBSCO, didn’t sign the petition, “but I had 15 family members that did.” Garrett said she wants Vincent to grow and prosper, but a quarry isn’t the answer.

“The (Vincent) council just don’t know how to run business, so let the council up the street show them how,” Garrett said. “Harpersville is steadily growing.”

Don Driggers, a member of the Vincent Zoning Board, told Perkins and the Town Council he was unhappy about the petition, which he views as a deceitful act.

“(Citizens for One Community) went behind our backs instead of coming to City Hall to talk to us,” Driggers said. “We could have been approached.”