Are these Vincent’s end days?

Published 3:11 pm Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When we found out that a group of Vincent citizens had filed a petition to be annexed into Harpersville, our jaws dropped. Then we started coming up with potential names. Vinpersville? Harperscent?

Our reaction just proves that in a situation full of political grandstanding, the Citizens for One Community in Vincent have made the biggest stand of all.

However, this petition might end up being a major misstep. The annexation situation only serves to distract from the real question: Is a limestone quarry good or bad for Vincent? That’s what Vincent citizens need to focus on, not the question of whether they may be Harpersville citizens this time next year.

If the anti-quarry groups are confident in their stand against the rock quarry, they should stand firm within their own community. Anti-quarry activists should work to disseminate information to other citizens instead of planning to give the town away.

Vincent is a special place because every person in the community is filled with town pride and a sense of independence. It’s surprising that anyone who loves Vincent so much would be willing to give up that sense of community spirit.

Ever since White Rock came to town, Vincent has been split in two. That’s a hard place to be, but annexation isn’t the answer. It’s better to have the town divided over an issue than see Vincent lose its identity completely.