Calera businesses to celebrate customer appreciation days

Published 4:40 pm Monday, August 31, 2009

A collection of Calera businesses on Alabama 25 will host customer appreciation days Sept. 4-5.

Ronnie Ellison Auto Sales, Advance Pawn Shop, Calera Glass, Rocktagon, Advanced Check Loans and Crocker Produce Stand will participate in the event.

Linda Cobb, office manager for Ronnie Ellison, said the businesses wanted customers to know they are valued.

“We just decided that it was time for us to do something to let all the customers know we appreciate their business,” Cobb said. “Just to remind them that we’re still here, because there’s been so many small businesses that have gone out of business during the recession.”

The event will feature a drawing for prizes, including $500 cash, a child’s drum set, an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, a diamond ring and a 20-gauge pump shotgun. Whoever wins the shotgun must pass all criminal background checks.

A hot dog lunch will be served both days. Calera Glass, a new business, will host an open house.

Chris Smith, lot manager for Ronnie Ellison, said he hopes the event will focus attention back on downtown Calera.

“Well, everybody’s forgotten about downtown Calera, and we’re just trying to give back to the community and the customers,” he said. “We’re trying to get the customers to come back to downtown Calera instead of going out of town.”