Casual Closet offers “Go Natural” makeup

Published 1:47 pm Tuesday, September 1, 2009

For most ladies, our morning routine includes spending way too much time picking out an outfit, 20 minutes to tame our wild locks, and then 15 more devoted to perfecting the art of make-up.

For local boutique owner Mitzi Thomas, her morning routine revolves around one product that gives her a natural look in less than five minutes.

The “Go Natural” line of cosmetics claims a guaranteed self-adjusting power that is “unique to you and always just right.” The professed “8 cosmetics in 20 seconds” is supposed to work for any skin tone and condition.

Thomas, the owner of Casual Closet, is a die-hard user of the line.

“I am not making a fortune off the line,” Thomas said. “I just believe in it and wanted to share the wonderful product.”

Upon inquiring about the product Thomas turns into a full-fledged spokeswoman. She wears it daily and has since she discovered the product at the Southern Women’s Show five years ago. In fact, Thomas even wore the make-up to her wedding.

“I don’t have time for difficult applications or to worry about blending; ‘Go Natural’ allows me to cover my freckles without liquid makeup,” Thomas states.

“Go Natural” does not stop there. The one-stop compact serves as your concealer, foundation, blush, eye shadow and even your lipstick. It comes with special applicators and boasts a built-in SPF 15.

Casual Closet carries the six-month supply for $40. Thomas hopes to add the 12-month supply as well, which would retail for $65.

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