Search is on for energy

Published 12:09 pm Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We applaud the determination Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Ala., has shown when it comes to searching out alternative forms of energy.

Bachus understands the United States is far too dependent on foreign oil, and is attempting to lead the charge to drop foreign oil and pick up domestic sources of energy, including solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, coal and propane. All these energy sources show potential and deserve more study.

While Bachus seemed to show a lot of love for coal and nuclear power, we appreciate his point: it’s time to move on from foreign oil, by any means necessary.

If the United States began using more coal and nuclear power, our state would stand to gain a lot.

The total annual value of coal produced in this state exceeds $1 billion, and since the United States’ coal deposits contain more energy than the world’s oil reserves, the state could be a major player in coal energy production.

Nuclear energy could help change the future of business in Alabama. If a nuclear power plant was to be built here, the state would see 6,000 new construction jobs, as well as countless other jobs in the nuclear plant and in the surrounding service industries.

While there is much uncertainty about which kind of energy is the best for our country and our state, we can be certain that foreign oil isn’t what’s best for us. It’s time for us to follow Bachus’ lead and make a change in our energy sources.