Sheriff’s Office an invaluable resource

Published 12:10 pm Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Editor,

Once again last week, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office proved to be an extremely valuable asset to the Alabaster Police Department and the entire community we serve.

Each police department throughout Shelby County has had occasion to call upon the Sheriff’s Office for assistance to provide resources that we do not have and cannot afford.

In every case, when we have called, your department has responded immediately with the manpower and equipment needed to help bring about successful results to various situations.

As a chief of police, my major concern is, of course, public safety. It is very gratifying to know that your department is always there to work with us as a team with professionalism and dedication to duty whenever you are called upon. This cooperation between our departments is invaluable and serves the public well.

While our population has been increasing, so have many of the associated crime problems.

We realize that the Sheriff’s Office resources are stretched at this time due to the economic conditions, as are most municipalities, including Alabaster.

Because of this team effort between our departments, we have been able to provide a level of protection to the public that we could not attain on our own.

We hope the Shelby County Commission is aware of the critical need for the resources of the Sheriff’s Office among all of the municipalities in Shelby County, and that they will continue to support the Sheriff’s Office going forward.

My concern is that if the resources of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office are compromised, it will negatively affect law enforcement in every municipality in Shelby County, and the public will suffer the consequences.