Dorm decor

Published 4:52 pm Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sunlight filled freshman Sarah Butler’s eyes the minute she opened the door to her dorm room at the University of Montevallo.

Despite the room’s sunny location, Sarah wanted to ensure she had a cheerful disposition whenever she stepped inside.

“I don’t want it to be boring, so I filled it with color,” Sarah said. “Pink is a bright happy color, so I thought it would work.”

A total of 154 students moved into the new residence hall at UM last week. Loaded in their cars were band posters, bold-colored décor and comfy furniture.

“I brought all my favorite stuff, like this blanket I made in sixth grade,” Sarah said.

The hot pink blanket is covered on one side with strawberries and is outlined with soft fringe strips. The rest of her room, including the bathroom, is filled with hot pink accessories.

Her roommate, freshman Julie Beasley of Trussville, brought reminders of home and colorful accessories as well.

One of the first things her father set up in her room was her keyboard.

“Music is all-consuming in my life,” Beasley said. “Having the keyboard right here will keep me from having to make midnight runs to the practice room.”

The spaciousness of the suite makes it easy to study in as well. Each roommate has her own room to get away from any distractions.

The décor lends a cheerful vibe to long nights of studying; plus, its new scenery for the first-time college students.

“I’ve had the same room at our house since I was little so it’s been fun to get all new stuff,” Julie said. “I had the same lilac color since I was 5.”

Now, her room bursts with color.

Vibrant limes, turquoises and hot pinks from her comforter and closet curtain are sure to keep her in good spirits.

“Since we figured the walls would be a typical institutional beige, we included as many colors as we could tolerate,” Julie said.

Julie’s mother said it would be hard to leave her once the room was all set up.

But, she said she felt confident her daughter would enjoy her new dwelling.

Sarah’s mother, Jan, said it was exciting getting her first child ready for college.

“We took a couple of days and shopped together,” Jan said. “We wanted to make sure she had everything she needed, but I let her pick it all out.”

Family plays a huge part in Julie’s room too.

Before she left Trussville, she and family members painted a jar in UM’s gold and purple colors and another representing her love of music.

“These are just to remind me of home and family,” Julie said. “They make me smile.”