Students display support for UM President Philip Williams

Published 12:49 pm Thursday, September 3, 2009

Student supporters covered the sidewalks leading to Flowerhill, home of University of Montevallo President Philip Williams, Tuesday night with messages of support. Tonight students plan to gather again for a candlelight vigil at 8 p.m.

SGA President Terry Hughston said by and large the show of support has been unorganized, but well deserved.

“I haven’t talked to anyone who isn’t in fervent support of Dr. Williams,” Hughston said. “He’s involved himself in a really unique way by personally donating time and money to various student organizations.”

Hughston said Williams’ efforts to promote the university and make sure students get the most out of time spent there impresses students.

Pastel–colored notes proclaimed, “We love Dr. Williams” and “We Need You.”

“Chalking the sidewalk is something we do a lot here at Montevallo so its natural that students would use this method to show Dr. Williams their support,” Hughston said.

Multiple Facebook groups have also popped up including one for tonight’s gathering. The group “We love you President Williams” includes 743 members.

Supporter Margaret Little wrote this on one group’s wall, “Dr. Williams is the reason I got to go to my first college night. I did not get a ticket in time and my friends coming in from out of town did. He was talking to us about it and he excused himself and made a call. He said for me to meet him at the will call table. I did and he escorted me in and I sat with him and his wife. He is so awesome in so many ways.”

Students like Little plan to show their support again tonight.