Community needs you

Published 4:17 pm Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Have you ever read an article in the paper about a child’s life that was saved or an animal rescued because of a non-profit? You probably thought to yourself, “I should get involved in my community and try to make a difference.” Then something else took your attention away, and that urge was gone.

In October 2008, I was blessed with the opportunity to become the Director of Marketing and Development at Easter Seals of the Birmingham Area.

I have met some extraordinary children and families at our therapy clinic in Pelham.

Through speech therapy, a non-verbal three year-old autistic child was able to tell his mommy “I love you” for the first time using an augmentative communication device.

Every non profit agency in the area is able to share success stories like these, but only because of the efforts of their volunteers.

Not everyone is meant to work for a non-profit, but everyone is able to give their time to help those in need.

Our volunteers are the reason we are still in existence today. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, and honestly, all of us are only one phone call, one car accident or one traumatic experience away from needing the services that non-profits have to offer.

Without volunteers and donors, these non-profits will cease to exist.

Whether you are interested in The Arc of Shelby County, the American Cancer Society, the Shelby County Humane Society or even Easter Seals, find your passion and put it to work to help others because you never know when you might need their help.

Kelli Keith is the Director of Marketing for Easter Seals.