Chelsea to have new office space available

Published 10:19 am Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Businesses looking to move into Chelsea will have a new option come December.

Farmers insurance agent Scott Weygand and his father, Larry, are building a 10,000-square-foot office space building on Chesser Drive, between the Domino’s Pizza and the Tractor Supply Co.

Construction began Aug. 20 and should be complete Dec. 1, Weygand said.

The space already has two occupants set to move in upon completion. Chelsea Chiropractic will open Dec. 1, and Weygand’s Farmers Insurance agency will open in early January 2010. That leaves 7,800 square feet available for rent.

Weygand said he and his father are building the space to offer more visibility from U.S. 280 and the chance to rent from a family, not a corporation.

“I wanted a spot that was more visible on Highway 280, and that’s probably the main reason,” Weygand said. “It’s just an easier place for people to go and rent from that’s not a huge corporation. This is just going to be a building we’re going to manage ourselves.”

He said Chelsea’s a growing area where businesses want to be.

“Chelsea’s just kind of a good place to invest in,” he said.

The space has already generated interest from diverse businesses, such as a restaurant, a doctor’s office and different retailers, Weygand said.

The building is designed to offer a drive-through window, possibly for a coffee shop or another quick-stop business.

For more information on the new office space, contact Scott Weygand at 222-2507.