Wrecker man born and bred here

Published 4:41 pm Monday, September 21, 2009

Most of the older residents of Alabaster remember Kirkland’s as a “we can do it” full service station — lube, wash, wax, Atlas tires, batteries and fan belts.

People didn’t trade cars every couple of years, so expert care and full attention to any possible problem was of the utmost importance.

Scott Kirkland grew up at Robert Kirkland Standard Oil Station (now Chevron). He cleaned windshields, checked the radiator, tire pressure, filled ‘er up, and did it with a smile from the early age of 14.

His dad, Robert Kirkland, had him driving the wrecker by 16.

He has seen the aftermath of many of Alabaster’s most horrific accidents — including some schoolmates and friends. Wrecker service is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year occupation.

The longest Scott has ever been away from home was seven days.

Kirkland married fellow Thompson schoolmate Julie Evans. He is truly an Alabaster product.

Scott loves his job and cannot imagine doing anything differently, except he would get a business degree first.

Son Wade will probably take over the Kirkland business one day, but Scott is insisting on a degree first.

Scott and wife Julie work together from their Pelham location everyday. They are parents of Brandon, Jordan, Wade and Lexie. Family support and involvement is of utmost importance.

The seven–day trip previously mentioned was a family vacation to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

Scott grew up at First Baptist during the Brother Nall, Brother Crumpton eras and is proud of the relationships he and his family had with these two pastors.

Scott Kirkland is a young man at home in his own skin. He is happy go lucky and takes life as it comes.

His adventures haven’t taken him far but rappelling off the wall of a quarry to retrieve cars for the police department is pretty adventurous, don’t you agree?

Sandra Thames is a community columnist for Alabaster. She can be reached by e–mail at bobthames1942@yahoo.com.