Trying the grassroots approach

Published 3:09 pm Tuesday, September 22, 2009

With an unstable economy, you can rest assured that your marketing budget will be the first to get cut. I’ve never quite understood the philosophy behind cutting the marketing budget first, but I can offer some basic grassroots marketing tools to help you keep your business in the public eye.

-Networking. This is one of the most important tools.

Always meet as many people as possible when you are at events such as Chamber meetings, after hour functions and luncheons. Put on your happy face, shake hands and always look people in the eyes.

Be brief but concise when talking about your business; remember they are also there to network. Always get and give a business card.

-Use the Internet.

With Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and several other internet communication tools you can reach audiences you didn’t even know were there.

You will be able to drive people to your website, post pictures of products, services and events and the best part is you can change it as often as you need.

Just be careful and make sure you keep your business and personal accounts separate.

Remember that someone interested in your business doesn’t need to see crazy pictures or read about any drama that happened last weekend.

-Handwritten cards. With e-mail being the preferred way of communication by most, people have moved away from the practice of writing a note and placing it in the mail.

This is a very personal way to remind someone about your business. Remember those business cards you obtained at the networking events? Pull them out and write a note card to the ones you feel you made a connection with.

If you have board members, business partners or great customers, pick a few each month and write a handwritten note cards letting them know you appreciate all they do for your business.

It will mean much more than an e-mail.