Chelsea gives $750,000 to schools in 10 years

Published 2:30 pm Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After making the yearly donation of $25,000 to the five Chelsea-area schools for the start of the new school year, the Chelsea City Council has hit an important milestone: $750,000 donated to local schools in the past 10 years.

Mayor Earl Niven said Chelsea’s operating budget for this year includes $115,000 for schools.

The annual $25,000 back-to-school donation is one hallmark of Chelsea’s donations to schools. For the past five years, the city has donated $25,000 annually to the schools at the beginning of the school year, splitting it equally among all five. The money is split among classrooms to help teachers purchase start-up supplies for each school year.

In the past, the city donated the money instead of participating in the annual tax-free weekend in August. This year, however, Chelsea opted to give both citizens and schools a break.

“This year, we went along with the tax-free weekend and saved our people a few dollars,” he said. “We felt like our schools needed all the help they could get.”

Other than the $25,000 back-to-school donation, the city’s yearly budgets include extra money to donate to the schools. This year, Chelsea’s operating budget includes $115,000 for schools.

Niven said the council feels that education is a big attraction for families looking to relocate.

“We’re very supportive of education. We realize that’s a calling card for people moving to Chelsea,” he said.