Super Boiler helps save on energy and costs

Published 1:14 pm Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For three years, Specification Rubber Products in Alabaster has been using a new technology that could revolutionize industrial steam systems.

The technology, referred to as the Super Boiler, is more efficient, more environmentally friendly and saves on costs, said Specification Rubber President Steven Smith.

“The Super Boiler, on a couple of fronts, has impacted our organization. It’s more environmentally friendly because it’s a more efficient boiler, as well as a cleaner boiler to run,” he said.

He said the Super Boiler uses 13 percent less natural gas and 20 percent less water than regular industrial boilers.

“By being more energy-efficient, it’s helped us take costs out, which is helping us beat our largest competitors offshore,” he said.

Alagasco spokesperson Susan Delenne said in an e-mail the project had three main goals from the beginning: operate efficiently, reduce emissions and reduce the environmental footprint by 40-50 percent.

All of these goals have been met. Additionally, Specification Rubber officials were not expecting the Super Boiler to be able to reduce water use, Delenne said.

The new technology could save the industry billions of dollars.

“According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the Super Boiler technologies could reduce the industrial steam system operating cost by more than $10 billion annually,” Delenne said. “(In Alabama), the Super Boiler technologies would eliminate 440,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 3,300 tons of nitrogen oxide and reduce the use of water by 150 million gallons a year.”

She said the technology is still being improved, but could be a boon for the national industry.

“While the Super Boiler is still in the testing phase, we hope to see this technology used more in the future,” she said.