PHS readying for open house

Published 6:01 pm Saturday, October 3, 2009

The life of a high school student isn’t easy.

Imagine the hourly challenges. You have six minutes to get to the other end of the building.

You need to stop by your locker. Stopping by the restroom would be a treat.

Most tempting of all, there will be more than 1,500 of your closest friends making this class change with you — so you might want to stop and talk.

Driving the length of Pelham High School can take five minutes in traffic.

Can students really make class changes on foot with time to spare?

Principal Bob Lavett made the decision to increase the time between classes from five to six minutes last year when he made an interesting discovery.

“I tried walking across the entire campus in five minutes and I came up a bit short,” Lavett said.

With six minutes between classes, being on time is doable.

If classes are far apart, being punctual can still be challenging.

In addition to increasing time between classes, PHS administrators have also attempted to cluster classes when possible so that many grade level specific classes are in close proximity in the building.

Parents of Pelham High students who would like to experience their students’ schedules should circle Oct. 15 on their calendars and attend Pelham High School’s annual open house.

At open house, parents experience the school day.

In first period, parents receive their students’ schedules complete with course names, teacher names and room numbers.

Parents get to see announcements on PHS Live, our daily television program provided by Brian Rockett’s broadcast class.

Only six minutes are provided between classes as parents test their mobility against their teenagers by following their students’ daily schedules.

Although no tardy slips are issued, good-natured teasing does ensue, and parents discover an appreciation for the full days their students experience in high school.

More importantly, parents have the rare chance to meet the teachers who influence their children daily, walk the halls their kids walk and see the signs offering their students opportunities at school.

Barnes and Noble will be in the auditorium lobby with book lists provided by English teachers listing all books required for the remainder of the school year for parents who want to make purchases.

PHS parents should arrive at open house on Oct. 15 at 6 p.m. so that they have the authentic experience of navigating crowded hallways — and also so they can see how hard it is not to share wisdom between classes with their buddies.

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