Filling fields with signs of faith

Published 5:08 pm Monday, October 12, 2009

Fellowship of Christian Athletes members plan to construct an 8–foot cross in the center of Heardmont Park Oct. 14 in preparation for the Fields of Faith event.

“Fields of Faith is a student-led event,” said FCA ministry representative and OMHS JV volleyball coach Teresa Clements.

Students from three high schools –– Oak Mountain, Spain Park and Briarwood –– are organizing the event. OMHS athletic director Donald Clayton said it’s a unique way to bring the three schools together.

“It’s an opportunity for the athletes at those three schools to get together in a faith-based environment,” Clayton said. “With three high schools so close there is a natural rivalry, but most of these kids go to church together anyway.”

Clements said FCA is a nationwide event encouraging students to show their faith openly.

“This gives them a chance to know there are other kids like them out there,” Clements said. “And it gives them the courage to show their faith on and off the field.”

She said students would have the opportunity to make prayer requests and give thanks.

Students also plan to offer testimonies, praise with a worship band, view a Christian skit put on by Spain Park students and read scriptures. Clayton said one of the unique features of the event would be the life-size cross.

Students will get note cards to write down prayer requests and things they plan to sacrifice in order to follow God, Clayton said.

“We’re hoping to get as many students out here as possible and maybe some students that don’t normally attend FCA meetings or even church,” Clayton said.