Governor candidate makes Alabaster pit stop

Published 4:43 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne questioned area government leaders about issues facing Shelby County Oct. 13 as he made a breakfast campaign stop at the Colonial Promenade.

About 20 Shelby County residents, most of whom were elected officials from Shelby County’s city and county governments, gathered in Alabaster’s Jim ‘n Nicks restaurant as the governor hopeful held a meet-and-greet breakfast session. The gathering was part of the 2010 gubernatorial candidate’s three-day campaign tour of the county.

During the meeting, Byrne compared Shelby County to his native Baldwin County, saying both regions recently have been marked by exploding populations and economic growth.

“It’s amazing how Baldwin and Shelby counties are so similar to each other,” Byrne said. “But of course, every county is unique. I look forward to working with all of you and your respective communities as governor.”

Byrne spent the morning informally speaking with the county officials about issues facing the county and the region. Many in attendance listed improving transportation, diversifying the economy and dealing with school overcrowding as Shelby County’s major goals.

Byrne said he was planning to visit many cities throughout the state while campaigning for Alabama’s top position.

“I look forward to having a powerful work relationship with each of you, so we can move our communities forward and move our state as whole forward,” Byrne told the group. “There is nothing you can’t accomplish when people work together in good faith.

“I love Shelby County. I just keep finding out new things about it every time I visit here,” Byrne added.

The candidate said, if elected, he would seek to “think out of the box” with the state’s economic development, and would seek to improve the quality of life across Alabama.

“We have to go after that national economic development rank,” Byrne said. “Yes, we will have some opposition, but we can beat them.

“Today, I had some frank conversation about the issues this county wants to see addressed,” Byrne added after the meeting. “I can tell I am going to have good, positive working relationships with everyone who came out this morning.”