Using advertising to your advantage

Published 1:04 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Advertising has frequently been called “salesmanship in print,” according to a series of texts prepared as part of the Modern Business Course and Service published by Alexander Hamilton Institute resource books.

Advertising has been around for a very long time. “Want ads,” tiny and cheap messages, are one of the early forms of advertising that helped in the evolution of commerce.

Advertising has always been helpful in commercial transactions because both buyers and sellers are interested in conveying some message to the public.

In order to effectively communicate your message to the public, it is wise to have an advertising plan.

A plan is important because even if you are completely satisfied with the business you currently have, your customers will shift over time, so it is wise to always strive to gain new customers.

Selecting an advertising style for your business, appropriating funds, identifying the desirability of the product and the size of the product’s market are all stepping-stones in creating a successful advertisement campaign.

Newspapers are a great way to advertise. It is quite likely that most of the “buying people” are newspaper readers. This is an important point for the advertiser to keep in mind.

Advertising in a newspaper furnishes intensive news coverage.

Newspaper readers are usually in a buying frame of mind and look to advertisements to learn about the latest things for sale.

Newspapers have a special local character about them, which reflects the flavor of the nearby communities.

Small businesses with limited experience and resources in designing and or otherwise professionalizing businesses inserts can get a lot of help from a relationship with a newspaper staff.

Remember, advertising in the newspaper gets you in front of many potential buyers, so it is a great opportunity to educate customers about your business.